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Soundproof Terrace Houses

Soundproof Terrace Window

No doubt some of the things you love about your Colonial, Victorian or Federation terrace home is its proximity to the CBD, shops, cafes, bars etc and the irreplaceable charm of its architecture. However, in these areas there is often traffic noise and neighbourhood noise which can affect your way of life.

To address this, Sound Barrier Systems have developed a range of acoustically rated soundproof windows and soundproof doors that not only dramatically reduce the noise in your home but also complement the architecture of the building. We have a range of cedar soundproof windows and door joinery that is custom made to replicate the appearance of the original windows and doors and are double glazed and acoustically sealed to provide the same level of acoustic rating as a double brick wall.

Sound Barrier Systems employs qualified carpenters and builders who have extensive experience working on heritage and period architecture properties. They take great pride in their craft and will go to greater lengths to ensure that the finished job complements your existing home. They are skilled in all window and door work including:

 - Change size of window and opening
 - Installation of lintels
 - Fitting new sills and architraves
 - Patching existing cement render
 - We will even arrange painting

Soundproof Terrace Windows

You love your terrace but the noise out on the street is a frustrating disturbance. Soundproof doors from Sound Barrier retain the beauty of your terrace but cut the noise by more than 75%.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Terrace Doors

The soundproof doors from Sound Barrier match exactly the originals but are have the highest acoustic rating of any doors on the market. You retain the style of your terrace but remove the street noise.

Soundproof Doors