Specialists in Soundproofing and Double Glazing

Sound Barrier Systems are at the forefront of sound reduction technology for commercial and residential soundproofing and double glazing installations. We have over 30 years of experience in providing customised noise reduction solutions using our patented soundproof windows , soundproof doors and double glazing solutions in Sydney.

Sound Barrier invented the secondary window in 1979, which won the Australian Design Council Selection Award, and operated exclusive patents. We are the specialists in sound insulation and noise reduction for your home and office!read more...

Sound Barrier Systems design, manufacture and install the highest acoustically rated soundproof windows and soundproof doors available in the marketplace. Our double glazing solution is unique and all Sound Barrier products have been rigorously tested in NATA laboratories to certify their acoustic effectiveness. Have a look at our explanation of building noise reduction results.

The Sound Barrier System is not only extremely effective at sound insulation, but it dramatically reduces heat transmission too. Our soundproof windows and soundproof doors improve the thermal insulation characteristics of your building substantially and will reduce your power bills - and these days that can be a substantial saving!

Our experienced tradesmen manufacture and install soundproof windows and soundproof doors at direct to your pricing. As a result, we will provide the most visually appealing and highest acoustically rated products at very competitive prices.

We guarantee a customised design solution regardless if the project is one window for residential soundproofing that's experiencing traffic noise, or a large office soundproofing project. In all cases, prior to fabrication, our experienced consultants will site visit to ensure the best solution to your noise problems.

At Sound Barrier, all products have a seven year warranty which provides peace of mind when you are adding value to your biggest investment. less...