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Double Glazing Sydney

double glazing Sydney

Double glazing is an insulating technique where there are 2 layers of glass in a single frame with an air gap in between. When designed correctly, the air gap provides both sound and thermal insulation. Most people perceive that double glazing is the solution to their noise transmission problems but this is not the case. Standard double glazed windows are designed to provide only thermal insulation, they are not designed to insulate against sound and will only provide minimal sound insulation.

The size of the air gap between the 2 panes of glass and the types of glass used will determine the acoustic rating of the window and door system. Double glazed systems designed solely for thermal transmission reduction will be ineffective at reducing noise transmission.

Over the past 30 years, Sound Barrier Systems have performed accredited testing and Research and Development to develop double glazing specifications in excess of STC 40.

Sound Barrier Systems designs, supplies, manufactures and installs acoustic double glazed windows and acoustic double glazed doors for residential or commercial applications. The acoustic double glazed solutions do also provide better thermal insulation than the standard double glazed solutions.

In many cases traditional double glazing is not the solution to your noise problems. Our experience has shown that the Sound Barrier Secondary Window System will provide higher levels of sound reduction at substantially lower cost than the full replacement double glazing.

Sound Barrier Systems have the products and expertise to provide the specific solution for your particular problem and to suit your property.

 - We can upgrade your existing window by installing a secondary glazed window inside your existing window.

 - We can replace the existing window with a double glazed window. This is normally for replacement aluminium window projects, renovations and new developments.

 - We can replace the existing window and provide an acoustic double glazed window solution. This is typically with hinged timber windows and doors.

Our secondary glazing window upgrade system is a noise reduction solution for windows and doors where an additional window/door with an air gap in between is installed inside your existing window/door. This award winning solution produces STC ratings of 42 – 46, which results in sound insulation levels that produce up to an 80% drop in noise levels!

By retaining the existing window on the outside of the double glazing solution, the external appearance of the building has not been altered in any way. The Sound Barrier window can be opened for ventilation and cleaning so the window is still fully functioning. We design and manufacture our windows so we can make a double glazed solution that works perfectly for you and your building.

Double Glazed Windows

The sound insulation provided by Sound Barrier System's double glazed window solution provides the highest acoustic rating of any product in the market today.

Soundproof Windows

Double Glazed Doors

Sound Barrier can manufacture and install double glazed doors with a sound insulation rating that blocks 75% of noise. Not only are they effective, but Sound Barrier will design and build them to suit your home or office!

Soundproof Doors