Frequently Asked Questions

After installation, can I still use my existing draperies and window coverings?

Sound Barrier provide a free removal and re-installation service for your existing blinds and curtains. Charges only apply when new brackets are required. We offer advice at the time of site-measurement of your new Sound Barrier windows and doors.

Are there any ideal situations for soundproofing?

Sound Barrier have experience in proving relief from the following common types of noise, including aircraft noise, noisy neighbours, rail noise

Can Sound Barrier provide a soundproofing solution for unusually shaped doors and windows?

All Sound Barrier soundproof windows and soundproof doors are custom made. Unusually shaped, angled or arched windows and doors and large sizes do not pose a problem

Does Sound Barrier offer any warranty on its soundproof doors and windows?

All Sound Barrier soundproof window and door systems are warranted against defects for seven years.

Does Sound Barrier offer soundproofing solutions for both residential and commercial buildings?

Yes, we have over three decades of experience in providing soundproofing solutions to homes and units, offices and industrial buildings. We also provide domestic and commercial recording studio soundproofing.

How can I find out which soundproofing solutions may be appropriate for my property?

Call or email us to obtain further information and an obligation-free assessment, measure and quote, at a time that suits you.

How does installation of Sound Barrier’s soundproof windows and doors impact existing windows and doors?

As all framing aligns directly with the existing window and door framing, the Sound Barrier System is very discreet. In many cases, the quality Sound Barrier joinery is more attractive than the existing widow and will improve the appearance of the property. All panels in the Sound Barrier System are easily openned, enabling ventilation and cleaning when noise is not excessive.

How long does it take to install Sound Barrier’s soundproof windows or doors?

Typical lead-time for fabrication of your custom made Sound Barrier soundproof windows and soundproof doors is 25 working days. Most installations are completed in half a day or less. Even up to 10 windows will usually only require one full day of on-site work by our qualified carpentry team.

How much do Sound Barrier Systems’ soundproofing solutions cost?

The cost of a Sound Barrier soundproof windows or soundproof doors. is dependent on the size and style of the existing window/door. Our experience and expertise and large volumes allow us to offer low prices whilst providing the highest quality materials and workmanship. For a free quotation, please record the approximate height x width dimensions of your existing windows/doors and contact us.

If I install soundproof windows and doors, am I likely to see a noticeable difference in my power bill?

Standard windows and doors are very poor insulators. Gaps and thin glass allowing a significant amount of temperature transfer to and from the outside. After installation of Sound Barrier windows and doors your heaters and air conditioners will run more efficiently, resulting in lower energy use and power bills.

I’m not sure I understand the concept of a second window being installed behind an existing window. Can you explain this?

Typical double-glazing, whereby two panes of glass are fitted into the one frame with a small 12mm air gap, provides thermal insulation only, not acoustic insulation. The Sound Barrier secondary window system will provide an air gap of 100mm, this wider air gap combined with the specialized design of our frames and seals provide the highest levels of sound transmission loss available. After installation of the Sound Barrier System, your windows and doors will have an acoustic rating comparable with a double brick wall!

I prefer timber windows and doors, do you supply those?

Yes, Sound Barrier Systems are also suppliers of high-quality Western Red Cedar windows and doors.

My property is a heritage-listed building. Can I still install Sound Barrier Systems’ soundproof windows and doors?

Sound Barrier windows and doors are typically installed internally; therefore the external appearance of the building remains unaltered. This makes the Sound Barrier System ideal for use in soundproofing heritage listed buildings. Where existing windows and doors are in need of replacement, Sound Barriers’ expert joiners will craft heritage style windows and doors using Western Red Cedar to replicate period design features whilst providing the highest acoustic ratings achievable.

What about thermal insulation? Do soundproof windows and doors also insulate from extreme

The insulating airspace created between the glass in the existing window or door and the glass in the Sound Barrier window or door, combined with Sound Barriers’ high-quality seals eliminates drafts and provides thermal insulation from the outside air temperature, keeping the rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Sound Barrier can also provide tinted glass to reduce heat transfer through .

What are Sound Barrier Windows made of?

Sound Barrier soundproof windows are made of thick, laminated glass and powder coated aluminium frames. We believe these materials are more effective, durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing than Acrylic/PVC Magnetic systems.

What level of noise insulation values do Sound Barrier Systems’ soundproof windows and doors

When installed inside existing standard windows and doors, Sound Barrier secondary windows and doors will provide an acoustic rating of STC42. Sound Barrier have invested heavily in research and development of our products, including independent acoustic testing in NATA Laboratories. When you choose Sound Barrier Systems to provide your residential or commercial soundproofing requirements, you are purchasing the highest quality, highest acoustic ratings and finishes and attention to detail our fully qualified craftsman are proud to provide. Sound Barrier Windows have been proven to reduce noise levels by 75%.

What type of soundproofing solutions does Sound Barrier Systems offer?

Sound Barrier specialise in design, supply and installation of acoustically rated soundproof windows and soundproof doors. We retrofit secondary glazing systems to the inside of existing windows and doors where practical, and provide complete replacement services where retrofitting is not practical. We also provide acoustically rated aluminium and cedar windows and doors for extensions and new buildings.

Will my family or staff be able to remain on the property throughout the installation process, or will we need to relocate?

Installation of Sound Barrier secondary window and door systems does not create a lot of dust or noise. You will be able to remain onsite during the installation process. We take great care of your property. Drop sheets will be placed on the floor and we will clean the new windows and doors upon completion of installation.