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Noisy Neighbours

Soundproofing against Noisy Neighbours

You love where you live but sometimes the noise from the surrounding neighbours can sometimes get you down. Maybe it is the dogs next door, or the noise from the nearby school or just street noise from passing people. Maybe you just like to be in the more build up areas but don’t want the associated noise. Although you don’t want the noise, you also don’t want to dramatically change the look of your home with the installation of unsightly and light blocking shutters. Sound Insulation by Sound Barrier is the solution.

Sound Barrier Systems have the unique patented double glazing solution that works by adding a secondary window inside your existing window to create a soundproof window that does not change the external appearance of your home or office. We have been installing our product for over 30 years and our noise reduction solution has removed the tiresome street and neighbourhood noise from thousands of buildings.

Sound Barrier provides a unique solution to the noisy neighbour problem by custom making all of the products that we install. Which means that the end product is the most aesthetically pleasing and most effective solution. Our products are designed to provide an acoustic rating equal to or better than your existing walls, be they double brick or brick veneer.

Soundproof Windows for Noisy Neighbours

Our customised soundproof windows remove the annoyance of your noisy neighbours without detracting from the beauty of your home.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Doors for Noisy Neighbours

Our soundproof doors can be made to replicate your existing timber doors or, if you have sliding glass doors, we can install a Sound Barrier secondary sliding door system

Soundproof Doors