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Residential Soundproofing

Residential Soundproofing

There is nothing better than relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends in your home. Sometimes, though, extraneous noise may prevent you from fully enjoying your time at home. Our residential soundproofing consultants can help you reclaim your relaxing-at-home time by blocking annoying noise from the outside or adjacent rooms.

Whether you’re an apartment dweller who would like to reduce the noise from your new neighbours, or the parent of an aspiring musician whose garage band practice sessions are starting to grate on your nerves, improving your home’s sound quality means improving your quality of life. Our residential soundproofing consultants will tailor a residential soundproofing solution that meet’s your family’s specific acoustic noise reduction needs.

Typically unwanted noise enters your home via doors and windows. Sound Barrier System’s patented soundproof window , soundproof door and double glazing technology combats outside noise by increasing the acoustic rating of doors and windows to that of your home’s walls. Our residential soundproofing solutions for homes with aluminium-framed doors and windows generally involve installing a secondary glazing on the inside of the door or window, which creates a double-glazed door or window with an insulating airspace for added noise reduction. Our residential soundproofing solutions for homes with timber windows and doors often involve the installation of a secondary glazing to the inside of the door or window or replacing the existing doors or windows with custom-made, double-glazed cedar windows and doors.

Our professional staff are experienced in residential soundproofing installations, and we understand the importance of minimising disruption to your home and family during the fit-out of all residential soundproofing components. For a free residential soundproofing home assessment or more information, contact us today.