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Sound Insulation

Double-Glazed Window Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation is all about reducing the transmission of sound into the structure. The STC (Sound Transmission Class) is used to evaluate the acoustical integrity of various building elements such as windows and doors. Improving the sound insulation increases the STC rating and reduces the noise transmission.

The windows and doors of a building are the weak points in the structure for sound insulation which is why they need to be the focus in your efforts to reduce the noise transmission into your home and office.

The Sound Barrier Systems double glazing soundproof windows and soundproof doors provide the same level of sound insulation as the walls of the building structure. Our experienced consultants will take into account your existing structure and design a solution which will upgrade the acoustic rating of your windows and doors to an acoustic rating comparable to that of the walls into which they are built. Our goal is to increase the acoustic rating of the windows and doors, being the weak acoustic link of the structure, to an acoustic rating to match the walls, being the highest acoustic link of the structure.

The Sound Barrier System is a double glazing and secondary glazing solution to provide sound insulation for windows and doors where an additional window/door is installed inside your existing window/door creating an airgap for acoustic and thermal insulation. This award winning solution produces STCs of 42 – 46 which results in sound insulation levels of up to 80% in reduction in noise levels.

Improving the Sound Insulation of your home or office will improve your quality of life. The need for peace and quiet is a basic fundamental requirement which is becoming more and more difficult to find in modern society. The quickest and easiest way to improve the overall sound insulation properties of your building is to raise the STCs of the windows and doors which is Sound Barrier's core area of expertise.

Sound Insulating Windows

The sound insulation provided by Sound Barrier System's double glazed window solution provides the highest acoustic rating of any product in the market today.

Soundproof Windows

Sound Insulating Doors

Sound Barrier can manufacture and install doors with a sound insulation rating that blocks 75% of noise. Not only are they effective but Sound Barrier will design and build them to suit your home or office.

Soundproof Doors