Soundproof Heritage Buildings

Soundproof Heritage Building

Special considerations must be made when improvements are proposed for commercial and residential buildings that are on the Australian Heritage Council lists. Now that many of these properties are now in busy parts of the city they require a solution to their noise issues. Sound Barrier can retain the integrity of your beautiful property and supply and fit double glazing soundproof windows and doors that match your architecture.

The fundamental is so that the existing timer or steel window and door joinery will need to be retained. Sound Barrier Systems have the experience and capability to design secondary glazing systems in timber or aluminium frames that will not detract from the building aesthetics yet still provide the building occupants with the acoustic and thermal ratings expected in modern living.

Our soundproof windows and doors have been used on many heritage listed properties such as Sydney University, shown here.

Soundproof Windows for Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings require particular experience to ensure that the soundproof work does not detract from the beauty of the building. Sound Barrier has the experience and products to ensure you get the best possible result.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Doors for Heritage Buildings

The tradesmen at Sound Barrier will deliver a first rate product that will not only stop the noise but will also compliment your existing building.

Soundproof Doors