Soundproofing Home and Offices

Soundproofing Homes and Offices

Sound Barrier Systems are specialists at Double Glazing Soundproofing Homes and Offices. Our solution, based on our award winning patented design,  provides levels of soundproofing that can reduce the noise in your home or office by up to 80%. We can tailor a soundproof solution for you home or office that is specific for you noise and building requirements.

Sound Barrier Systems are Australia's leading supplier of acoustic aluminium and timber soundproof windows and soundproof doors. We have more than 30 years of experience in design, fabrication and innovation and our comprehensive product range plus extensive acoustic testing will provide you with the most effective solution to your home or office noise problem. We have transformed thousands of noisy home and offices into quiet spaces where you can think and relax.

The difference with Sound Barrier Soundproof soundproof windows and soundproof doors is that we customise a solution that is right for your home or office. We don’t approach it with a one-solution-suits-all mindset. Our consultants will design a solution to suit your building and block your particular noise problem; be it aircraft noise, traffic noise, rail noise or people noise.

At Sound Barrier we design, construct and install for all of our jobs. This means you get a crafted solution at a direct to you price. We ensure that the installation work we do is done with minimal disruption and that the final job enhances the value and appearance of your home or office. Our qualified tradesmen are trained to make each installation job blend in with the architectural style of the existing building.

Soundproof Windows for Home and Office

Whether you are at home or in an office, you need peace and quiet to function properly. Sound Barrier has an extensive range of double-glaze window products that reduce the transmission of noise by over 75%

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Doors for Home and Office

Our soundproof doors will not only ensure that you can hear yourself think again in your home and office. Our tradesmen ensure that your new doors will match your existing building.

Soundproof Doors