Soundproof Offices

Soundproof Office

Sound Barrier Systems will customise a sound proofing solution to reduce noise problems commonly experienced in offices such as traffic noise, busy public thoroughfares and noise from adjacent properties.

Not only can Sound Barrier Systems exclude noise from entering the office space, we will provide effective, quiet boardrooms or offices where confidential or private discussions can be held with confidence. The secret is in our patented soundproof window and soundproof door technology. It is simply the best in the market.

Our professional installation staff are experienced in commercial installations, and we recognise the importance in minimising disruption to your staff during the fit-out of our noise reduction joinery.

Soundproof Windows for Offices

In order to get the most from your employees you need to provide a quiet environment. The soundproof windows supplied and installed by Sound Barrier have the highest acoustic rating of any in the market.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Doors for Offices

Our range of soundproof dorrs for offices, plus our ability to customise a door for you ensures that you will get the most effective and attractive solution to your noise problems.

Soundproof Doors