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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation Windows

The need to conserve energy and reduce power bills to a minimum is reflected by changes in building regulations regarding the energy efficiency of new buildings. These Basix requirements specify the type of window framing, suitable configurations and glazing specifications in the form of an U-value and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). Sound Barrier Systems provide single and double-glazed windows and doors in timber and aluminium frames in accordance with Basix Reports for all new construction and extensions.

Despite existing buildings being exempt from these new laws, there is much that can be done to increase the thermal insulation of older properties.

After ceiling insulation, improving the thermal properties of windows is the most effective way to increase the overall thermal efficiency of a building. By introducing secondary glazing you can minimise cost and reduce the time and inconvenience usually associated with the installation of replacement windows fitted with double-glazing. As well as greatly improving noise insulation, users will benefit from substantial energy savings. This, combined with Sound Barrier Systems discreet framing systems, will mean that you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your existing windows and frames in comfort.

Sound Barrier Systems retrofit secondary glazing is installed on the inside of the existing windows and sliding doors. All window sashes and door panels are openable, therefore the windows and doors can still be opened for ventilation, egress and cleaning. All framing aligns directly inside existing window and door framing ensuring the secondary system is as unobtrusive as possible. The secondary system is fitted with high quality thermal/acoustic seals, ensuring no air gaps remain, therefore eliminating drafts and condensation.

Thermal insulation benefits are provided due to the insulating airspace created between the glass in the primary and secondary window systems and as the secondary frame is not connected to the primary window creating a thermal break.

For further advice specific to your needs in your property please contact Sound Barrier Systems.

Thermal Insulation for Windows

The Thermal Insulation provided by Sound Barrier System's double window solution are in accordance with Basix Reports for all new construction and extensions.

Thermal Insulation for Windows

Thermal Insulation for Doors

Heat loss through door is also an issue and the Sound Barrier solution provides good thermal insulation characteristics.

Thermal Insulation for Doors